Clyde North Anglican Church

Land donated by Anthony Ridgway in the 1860's  became the focus point for the Clyde congregation. What motivated this man to give up an income source for the benefit of others?

The above pictured church was the third one on this site. The first, possibly of wattle and daub was erected in the 1870's. The second that was opened in 1877 was destroyed by fire twenty-nine years later in 1906.

Marriages, baptisms, memorial services for WW1 soldiers, funerals and social gatherings took place under its roof.

Once the School's Pony Paddock stood on its north side and then remade into a tennis court. In 1999 the  building was dismantled and reerected at Beacon Hills College in Pakenham

The view you see above has been replaced by a roundabout and an entrance into Selandra Estate. My suggestions for streets to be named after Clyde people has been received by this developer.

Was your family ever connected with this church in some way?  Builder? Wedding? Funeral? Baptism? Confirmed? Minister? Organist? Choir member?  Sunday School teacher or pupil?

Look deeply into the photo's background to see glimpses of Cranbourne,  power lines and Thompsons Road. Did you know that the Clyde Creek had its source in these paddocks behind to the north of this church?

Other Churches in Clyde? The second church in Clyde was further north along Clyde Berwick Road - known as the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Time wrought its own destruction of the building and in 1910 the Clyde Methodists constructed the first public building in the new Railway Town, 1910.

About the photographer: Richard Ryland was the last Principal of the Clyde North School No 118.
Photo taken by Kath Soulsby in the 1950'60's

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