Clyde North School No 1926

In 1858 when education was neither free or compulsory a group of Clyde men realised that a school was needed for the development of the area. At the time more than half  (59%) of Victorian children did not attend formal schools. The efforts of these Clyde pioneers produced a school that was to function for one hundred and thirty-four years. Aerial photos via Google have a different view of the land. Instead of the church and pony paddock opposite the school there is a roundabout, the entrance to a new housing estate and both school and hall have vanished from sight.

Hidden from view is the record of hundreds of lives shaped and educated in that small school room. Some remnants can only hint at what happened there. The Pupil Register of 1910-1950 is stored in the Public Record Office of Victoria while some photos are kept by the Cranbourne Historical Society.

Next to the school was the first Clyde Public Hall and Library which housed the Honour Board for WW1 soldiers. Cricket was played in McKays paddock on the south side of the hall.

What year was this photo taken? 1926?
Back Row
Jack Manks, Bill Campbell, Jim Lineham, Dan Dawson, Harold Hook, Lindsay Rickey, Walter Manks, Charles Dawson, Gordon Harris,
Middle Row
Aileen Cantwell, Grace Campbell, Muriel Harris, Jean Cox, Hilda Morgan, Amy Manks, Evelyn Bonny,  Josie Dawson, Marjorie Campbell, Evelyn Manks,
boy standing – Lindsay Gamble
Front Row
George Manks, Ray Kerslake, Jack Dawson, Roy Dawson, Ken Kerslake, Ray Moore, Neville Avard, Clyde Manks
Photo source  - Henry Klein.

Clyde North School photograph album can be found aon the Clyde History website.
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