On-Line Clyde Family History Resources

Are you looking for information about your Clyde ancestors? Did they leave a Will?

The Editor of the Clyde History website has listed some steps in uncovering your family's details.
Most of the ideas do not involve any payment and are easily accessible via the internet.

Joan Vanderhorn has tagged over 2700 newspaper items related in some way to Clyde.
The majority of these are from The Argus newspaper.

Check out this special blogsite on how to find more about your family's history.

Online maps (old and new), advice on how to understand the Electoral Roll in relation to Clyde.
Guidance is offered on how to decipher the Cranbourne Shire Rate Books to find Clyde data.
How to find if someone else has developed your family tree, who had a telephone in 1931 and who was listed in the first Victorian directory can be found on the following blog. 

Blogsite name: Clyde Victoria-Family History Tools

The Clyde History website  https://www.earlyhistory4clydevic.com gives the historical context of your ancestors providing you with a clearer picture of what they experienced.

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