Letter from a Clyde Post Office?

Today mail is delivered to Clyde homes.
Before the railway was put through in 1888 mail was brought to the Clyde North School and children took letters home to their family.

Well there is more to the story than just this.
A visitor to the Clyde Picnic is investigating the background to this interesting part of Clyde's history. David Kajewski hopes to document and record the philatelic history of Clyde and its postal services over the years. Maybe a relative of yours still has that letter you sent them from Clyde? If you ever received a letter from Clyde with its post office stamp then David is interested in meeting you.
Contact     david.kajewski@yahoo.com
David's wife, a descendant of early Clyde folk (Walkers and Masons) brought valuable family history with her to the picnic. Her ancestor, Maria Anne Walker (nee Mason) 1841-1925 was a local mid-wife.

Clyde Picnic Update
About 30 other people added their stories and photos from the 1930-60's period. Clyde Hall Committee worked with us in providing a good venue - especially so as it rained most of the day. Newspaper clippings about the Public Hall, Fire Brigade, Schools, placed on tables stimulated the conversations. Picnic guests were from Warragul, Korrumburra, Tocumwal, Clyde, Cranbourne, Berwick, Noojee, Warneet, Devon Meadows, Mornington Peninsular and the suburbs. A good response with new material for me to work on. Photos will be uploaded on the website so one day you can see the contributions.

From all age groups represented came the strong affirmation of rural community life and a sense of deep regret, even grief, that the memory of Clyde will be wiped away by Urban Growth. 

A meaningful moment was the visit to the CFA building and hearing the Captain, Ken Blencowe tell us the local brigade history. Rain ended any plans to walk to the school and we only managed one history walking tour.

All costs were covered with $8 to spare-perhaps for coffee at a future picnic!
The Next Clyde Picnic?  Australia Day on an annual basis?  Another suggestions?

Missed out on the Clyde History Walking Tour?  Check out this item in the menu at the left hand side of this article. A pdf map and brochure is available for you.

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