Old Photos of Clyde

Early Family Photographs
The Ridgways and Linehams have supplied photos for the website. 

Clyde North School 1902
Some of these children became the young men and women who served as soldiers and nurses in World War 1. A Roll of Honor was made to remember the former students and residents who enlisted.

Clyde School Photo Album
Clyde Primary School 3664 commenced in the local Methodist Church in 1910.
The accompanying photo is taken outside of the church.

Pupils from School No 3664 are included 
in photos from 1910-1961. Would any of your relatives be among them? Are you included in any of these pictures? Begin at the following link

What about more recent photos?

As of mid July 2013 you can still view online photos of Clyde before the housing developments west of Fisheries/ Clyde Berwick Road.

Look up a Clyde address on Google Maps and search for street view. Then zoom around to have a look at some properties. You can keep copies of these for yourself.
Has anyone ever tried obtaining permission from Google to share around the photos?

Have you been researching your ancestors who once lived in Clyde?
The blog Clyde Victoria - Family History Tools  is designed for you.

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