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The only website about the history of Clyde, Victoria, 3978. URL updated in 2020

Clyde 3978 Victoria - History

Clyde is an area with a history of dairy farming, vegetable and flower growing located 48 kilometers south-east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Situated on the edge of suburbia, housing developments could soon change forever this small country town. Land that has supported dairy farms, market gardens and various endeavours has given life to many groups of people who claimed Clyde as their home town.

Two meteorites have been discovered at Clyde; a founding member of the Royal Melbourne Show lived in Clyde. At one time dairy farmers at Clyde used rail transport to deliver more fresh milk to Melbourne than any other farming area.

Before those who know something of Clyde's past fade away, we are gathering their stories and building this website in recognition and appreciation of what it means to have grown up in a country town.

Clyde - this website is for you!

Have you been researching your ancestors who once lived in Clyde?
The blog Clyde Victoria - Family History Tools  is designed for you.

The Story  of Clyde presented with a series of maps.

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