Important Dates in the History of Clyde

The events which shaped Clyde and its people.
1837-39  Squatters could take up land with a £10 lease
1844  Thomas Field takes up “Big Plains” run
1851  "Mayune" is leased by Cameron
1852  Survey and land sales in Clyde
1858  School No 118 at Clyde (North) opened
1864  Clyde (North) Post Office opened (1864-closed1981)
1865  Church of England- Clyde North first service
1878-90  Clyde (North) hive of activity
1888  Railway comes to area
1889  Clyde Railway Station Post Office opened
1889  Survey of Clyde Township followed by house block sales
1905  General Store opened on Railway Road
1909  Methodist Church-first public building in Clyde
1910  Clyde State School No 3664 commenced
1913  Clyde P.O. moved to the General Store in Railway Road
1915  Renaming of Clyde and Clyde North
1918  Clyde State School building opened
1920's  Clyde township booms
1923  Telephone extended to Clyde
1928  Motorised trucks pick up milk from farms
1928  Clyde Public Hall and Mechanics Institute built and officially opened
1930-40  Years of steady and quiet growth
1931  Petrol Bowser erected at Clyde
1950  Electricity comes to the district
1977  Mains water supply reaches the township
1978   Lineham Recreation Reserve opened (last pioneer owned property sold)
1978  Jubilee Year of Public Hall celebrated
1981  Railway Services to Clyde discontinued
1980's  Both schools began receiving children from outside of the Clyde area
1992  Clyde North School No 118 closed
1994  Casey City Council replaced Cranbourne Shire Council
2009  Clyde re-zoned as an Urban Growth Area
2010 ?  First housing estate begins selling house blocks

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