Royal Melbourne Show


Improving the quality of local produce and bringing together a community motivated our first rural agricultural societies. Cranbourne, Berwick, and Mornington attracted Clyde people to attend and participate in the competitions.

 Mr Alexander Patterson, of St Germains Station, Clyde was a member of the committee of the old Port Phillip Agricultural society, instituted in 1848. The society preceded the Royal Melbourne Show.
In 1836 Mr. Patterson established the Mornington Agricultural and Pastoral Society as a branch of the original central society, with headquarters at Cranbourne. He was made honorary secretary and treasurer, and afterwards became president. He was also one of the founders and a member of the first council of tho National Society founded in 1871

       In 1873 Mr Thomas Patterson, his son, was appointed honorary secretary of the Mornington society and continued in this capacity until he was elected secretary of the National (now the Royal) Agricultural Societv of Victoria in 1880.  He held this appointment for 30 years during which time he saw many changes and advancements made in the Show and in the rural life of the country. (Source:Melbourne Argus 27 Sept 1928).

Alexander Patterson was also one of the first five on the Council of the Board of Agriculture and for sixteen years he was the councillor of the National (Royal) Agricultural Society of Victoria.

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Two Clyde men, a father and son, had influential roles in the establishment of the original Royal Melbourne Show.
Next time you attend the RMS don't forget to recall the historical link that Clyde has with Melbourne's largest public event.

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