World War 1 Nurses

Daughters of George Lehman (former Dandenong Bridge Hotel owner) were nursing in Tallangata prior to enlisting for the  Australian Army Nursing Service.  Nora Blanche and Aileen Lehman sometimes stayed with their parents at "Springmeadows" on Thompsons Road, Clyde North. The Clyde Honour Board and local newspapers recognised the nurses as being a part of our community. Beginning with duty in Egypt, Nora and Aileen stayed together with the 2nd AGH to later work in Wimereux, France.

The ABC TV series "Anzac Girls" give an excellent insight into saving lives under difficult conditions. Nora and Aileen experienced all of this.
The editor is preparing an article on the lives of Clyde WW1 nurses. If you have any WW1 or WW2  stories of Clyde people then please contact the editor. Anyone know of Nurse Kirkpatrick, a Red Cross nurse from the Clyde/Cranbourne area who worked in France?

 Lehman sisters on their days off from duty in Egypt.
(Photo: Courtesy of Lehman family)


(Photos provided by Dr James D Best, grandson of Aileen Best, nee Lehman)

2AGH - Second Australian General Hospital

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