New Suburb for Clyde and Cranbourne East

If you live in Clyde and Cranbourne then you will know about this.

Local newspapers have announced that the Casey Council intends to form a new suburb by combining the present Cranbourne East and Clyde North. The map displayed in the newspaper shows that the new suburb also includes Ballarto Road at the South Gippsland Highway end of that road. 

Residents have been asked to choose between Cameron and Ridgway as the name of this new suburb. The poll closes on August 30 and residents can vote via the internet at the following webpage.

Historically, both Alexander Cameron and Anthony Ridgway contributed to the foundations of the two towns, Cranbourne and Clyde. It would be difficult to decide between them. However it should be noted that Alexander Cameron was more active in Cranbourne life whereas the Ridgways were involved with Clyde. 

If you are looking for yet another name then "Ballarto" would suit as the original Ballarto property was on the corner of Ballarto Road and South Gippsland Highway. Ballarto means very good, plenty and reflects the nature of the good land in our area. Choosing this Bunurong word gives something back to the people who first lived in the area. 

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