Clyde General Store-Poem

One Sunday Paper printed this when Hilary and Rob Reynolds were the store keepers. This poem was written for the owners of the Clyde General Store by one of their customers.


I live in a rural town, 
a tiny place called Clyde;
the market gardeners tend their crops
and market them with pride.

We grow the best darned celery
this country’s ever seen;
fresh and crisp and crunchy
and a perfect shade of green.

We’ve got a general store and fire brigade,
and a school the kids all love;
there are tennis courts, well patronised,
with lighting up above.

Each morning I go to the Store
for the papers and the post
and always meet a smiling friend-
that’s what I like the most.

Dale Harvey

Dale Harvey- when did you write this? Do you know the date for the newspaper article?
Do readers have any other newspaper clippings about the Clyde General Store?

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