How Clyde looked in 2009

How did Clyde land look before housing estates were built?

Aerial photos of Clyde dating back to 2009 are available online for your enjoyment.

NearMaps, an Australian company, has many photographs of Clyde that illustrate the effect of the drought, the arrival of rain and the landscape changes wrought by property developers.

A registration fee is now required to join and see their good photos.
It is superior to any other company that takes aerial photos.

However there is a free option.
As of July 2013 Google still retains old scenes of Clyde before housing developments east of Clyde-Berwick, Clyde-Fiveways roads. So have a look and then keep some photos for yourself
What did your home look like in 2009?

Now have a look at the..
 * former Gillingham Pitman properties on Clyde Berwick Road.
 * land originally owned by the Ridgways (followed by Hunters, Antons, Lewrys)
 * 211 Grices Road land for sale opposite the Hillcrest college on Soldiers Road.


More Clyde History can be found at

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